Chapter 21 - PrayerMature

Raitoguchi had just finished telling us many important details about himself, such as the god he worships and his power.

"Demonry and witchcraft," I mutter under my breath so that no one would hear me. All of these people around me seemed to worship false gods, yet why would the Lord God use them instead of his own people?

The others are talking to Raitoguchi about all the things that he didn't tell them, and some of them are being rude, but I didn't care about this new development. Already at the far end of the line, I let the procession pass me. After I am alone, I wander off to a secluded area. Then, I kneel onto the ground and begin to pray.

"Father, why am I made to wander around with those who worship demons and use power that you yourself have forbidden. Why not a group of your children? Why a group of your enemies?"

Then, I heard a voice, "You do not realise now what I am doing, but later you will understand.

The End

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