Chapter 19- I raise my blade not in the name of Isalor !Mature

Shalius Firion

As Kalton walked away towards the wounded, Shalius shook in anger for not the blood of his enemy had soaked his armour. The blood of his people, how could this be?  Shalius kneeled down and rolled the body of the fallen guard, he could feel a obvious presence of magic, something that wouldn't be left by a human being.

"Kalton, their are not doing this of thier own accord!"  Shalius cried out.  As he said this he turned around already carrying that knowledge.

"It can't be." Jonathan said bringing out his weapon defensively.

" what is it?" Raitoguchi asked looking around defensively.

"Is it Step?"

"Kalton nodded, as Jonathan explained," He must be using his shadow's to take control of them!" Rage flowed through Shalius, how could he attack an enemy that was using his brethren as his shield? Why hadn't Isalor bothered to step in, he has before to the point of showing his true form, but now he has done nothing. What had come over the gods?  Shalius looked around looking for something, anything to stop this disaster. There was nothing, just empty destroyed roads and houses. He looked at Jonathan who also looked as dismayed and angry as him.

"I will not serve any god who treat people as such!" Shalius growled," I raise my sword for the people, I fight for the people. I will destroy any man, any King, Queen, God alike that treats their people in such a way!" He then pierce that softened ground, and pulled up the armour on his right hand which bore the mark of Isalor," I remove my allegiance to Isalor. I remove it for his crimes against humanity, I remove this mark in the shadow of his betrayal!" He gritted his teeth as the marked glowed red hot. 

A sphere of red light surrounded Shalius as he forcibly began to remove the mark, he began to shout in pain, as the air that became heavy with magic. The sphere became so dark that no one could see Shalius anymore or even hear him screaming in pain. The sphere expanded before exploding violently outwards spreading small tangible ribbons of magic everywhere. Shalius stood with a smile shouldering his broadsword confidently, somehow he looked like a great burden had been removed from his chest.

"Sorry about that, probably not the greatest time to forsake my god, but I have made my mind up. I will not be a puppet of any god, nor will serve anyone who allows this to happen."

Jonathan nodded in approval, Raitoguchi looked shocked, that Shalius's resolve would change so quickly. The others began to walk onwards when a bolt landed between Shalius and the others. The bolt was on fire.

"Get back!" Jonathan warned but it was to late as a bright light consumed all that Shalius could see. He was thrown backwards in a massive heatwave, He shielded his face from the blast, but it felt as though he was being ripped to shreds. The light died down and finally Shalius hit the ground rolling in a smoking wreck, the confidence and strength that he had before the explosion were gone, but he still got to his feet.  His comrades didn't fair any better, that bolt sure had alot of power in it!

"Not you guys too!" Jonathan cursed as he got to his feet. Shalius looked up and saw a band of five or more wielding similar weapons to Jonathan. Nytahl quickly fired off an arrow in response to the attack.  Shalius began to run casting a few protective spells for him and his comrades before scrambling up the ruin to engage them in close combat.  Jonathan fired off a explosive bolt of his own however he couldn't bring himself to hurt them.  Shalius managed to get to the top of the rebel and charge them. However he underestimated the other forces that had accompanied Jonathans family and friends.   He parried off an attack from a man wielding an axe, as well as a woman with two very sharp and long daggers. He took a step back soon realizing if he took a few more he would be going over the edge. 

"Damnit!" He cursed around his breath,  pushing forwards trying to drive the two back, but more were coming. He parried a few more blows before an arrow sunk itself between to plates of armour protecting his hip.  He fell to the ground  fending off too downward slashes on him.  He countered with a violent slash forwards all five of them stepped back. He smiled through the pain as magic built around his right arm and blade.  He got up again bring his sword forward," Tiring Blast!" He called forth

His enemies were sent flying backwards, the spell had saved him a second within the last two days, but this time his enemy's would come charging back, and he depleted most of the magic he had managed to regain.  Then he had to bring the fight to them. He charged forwards cutting a mans leg off as he got to his feet, he spun around blocking the man with the axe again. Shalius slid backwards, under his strength. He pushed forwards throwing the man off him, he was growing tired. He couldn't keep this fighting up for much longer, in a desperate attempt he charged forwards, the man brought his axe down but it was to late for him as Shalius's sword ran through the man's torso, however the axe got him across his left arm. 

"AhhhG!" He  yelled rolling to the ground  the other three had gotten up, and readied a finishing blow.  Shalius cursed the fact he didn't have a lot of stamina. He got to his feet, he had some strength yet, but he needed to use whatever he had left wisely or he'll be finished.  From behind the three another arrow came at him, the protective spell caught this one, but the spell was far to spread out to be to much help against these three. One was carrying those dangerous twin daggers, the other a long shield, and shield, the other with a lance. A dangerous combination Shalius noted.   The lance came shooting at him, Shalius leaned to the left. The man with the shield, and sword rushed him. He brought his sword up and waited for the impact which came hard. He pushed himself off it sliding the sword upwards across the woman's, torso cutting her deep with her own momentum. One down two to go. Where was the girl with those deadly daggers, behind him, side? No, above. She hit him full force throwing him to the ground. Shalius rolled out of the way as the daggers came flying at him furiously.

He got to his feet throwing his sword forwards hoping it would catch her on the shoulder or something. It missed and the lance slammed him on the side, partially winding him.  He jumped back keeping an eye on both of them.  The girl with daggers went around trying to flank him. This was a trick he ducked under the lance and leapt forwards bring his sword through the Lance wielders leg, and cutting outward.

"Two down." He murmurred turning around to face the last one.  He took a close look realizing that the shadows had entered her body and that's how she was being controlled.  He let out long breath, and rose his great sword  readying himself. She charged dancing back and forth threatning to come at either side of him. He followed her path, right,left, right left right, right, He moved left and watched as she through her wait into that attack. He took his blade and brought it across her shoulder cutting so far too deep for her to survive. The enemy he fought was a ruthless coward, he was saddened to kill yet another one of his townspeople. He turned around seeing that the others had immobilized Jonathans friends, and family. They had been removed of thier weapons, and were tied down to the tree.  Shalius approached with a limped step. Nytahl was the first to notice his wounds.

"Looks like you got quite the thrashing, need help removing that arrow?" She winced.

"Yes thank you." Shalius replied out of breath looking down on himself seeing that he had quite the stream of blood running from his shoulder and hip wound, he instantly felt light headed. Kalton turned away from one of Jonathans friends and spoke.

"Step is not here, he has decided to keep his stay in a Dwavern city in the mountains." He then looked at Shalius," Your going need those wounds tended to immediately." 

"Yeah I think so too." He said falling backwards, with a clang.

"We need a place to rest we can't keep pressing forwards in this condition." Raitoguchi Advised.

"But first we need to get out of here before anymore come." Kalton said. Shalius looked up to Jonathan who was chew his nails again, he was being awfully quiet.

"Are you okay?" Shalius asked. He shook his head, his face was filled with anger, and sadness to see what had become of his families. He brought his hands down from his face clenching them so hard Shalius could hear his knuckles crack.

"Let's go."

The End

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