Chapter 18 - Attacking Servants of the Most HighMature

I look around at the carnage freely displaying itself around me, and my heart becomes heavy. I know that the Lord sometimes uses war to punish the pagan people, but it still hurts.

"Lord, why do you destroy your people like this!"

"They are not my people, nor do they call upon my name." Is the answer I get.

"Then, in the name of the Lord, for a season I blind all those who murder innocents." I look to the battle, but see that there is no difference, no one has become blind. "Why, Lord, you have given me the gift to call upon your power at any moment?"

Then, the Lord replies, "No one is innocent, no not one is righteous."

My head falls down, "Is it a sin to pick a side?"

"You already have, my child. My side."

I breathe deeply, "But they have been given a task by your Spirit, though they worship demons and fallen angels, you have given them your desire. Is it sin to follow them into battle?"

"It is not sin, sin is dead to you, but do not go down the path they do. You know where it leads."

I nod. "Yes, Lord, I do. But will I be protected from this scourge you have brought upon this city?"

"Yes, my angels will not let a blade cut your skin, nor an arrow puncture your body, nor a fist bruise you. You are protected, my child. As are your friends, if only they put their faith in me, but they do not, and so they may be cut by swords, and punctured by arrows, and bruised by fists."

"Thank you, Lord."

And then, silence. I look upon the death and destruction around me and see Shalius in a swordfight with a soldier. So I go, walking towards them. And as I am walking a soldier attempts to slice at me but a being made completely of light with a sword made with fire blocks the sword, and slices at the soldier, killing him. Then, the being made of light disappears.

Soon, I am near Shalius and the soldier he is fighting. "In the name of my Lord, who is king over all things, let fire rain from the sky and strike this soldier who attacks this, my friend." And then, a single meteorite falls from the heavens, and strikes the soldier square on the head, killing him instantly.

Shalius looks at me with eyes wide with mix of fear and surprise, "You just killed a soldier."

"You are chosen by God to do a mission, if he strikes at you, he strikes at God."

"I thought you can't kill?"

"Not out of hate, the hebrew word means to kill out of anger or hate. He was striking at you, an obligate servant of the Most High God. Though you serve your god Isalor, the true God speaks to all, and makes his purposes known through all." And with this said, I turn about and walk away to tend to the wounded.

The End

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