Chapter 17- Blood Of The InnocentMature

Nytahl stared down at the weapon in her hands. She lifted it and winced at the weight of it.
"You seriously cannot expect me to fight with this!" She shouted over the horrific sounds that emanated through the air. She sighed when she realsied that no one had heard her beacuse they were already engaged in battle.
She jogged in after them with her heavy weapon and looked for her opponant.

Nytahl frowned when she saw a bloodied woman, with scorched clothing and crazed green eyes came staggering toward her. Nytahl lowered the weapon and walked over to the woman, as she stopped before Nytahl she just stared at her as her blood seeped into what was left of her clothes.
"Are you okay ma'am?" Nytahl asked her. The woman's head arched backward as she let out a ear splitting screech. Nytahl dropped the weapon and covered her ears.
The sound was like sitting right next to a wailing siren but only worse and alot louder.
The screaming stopped as the woman or what ever the hell she was picked up Nytahl's abandoned weapon and aimed it at her. Nytahl cursed and dove out of the way. She rolled to her feet and pulled her bow off her back and loaded an arrow into it. She launched it and it thunked into the womans head with a muted thwack. The woman toppled backwards, as the weapon fell out of her hands.

Feeling someone come up behind her, Nytahl spun and found her wrist caught in a strong grip.
She looked up and saw Shalius frowning down at her. Nytahl took in the sight of his bloodied clothing, dripping sword and severe frown. Out of the corner of her eye, Nytahl saw Kalton saying a prayer over a body and Johnathan walking away from bodies wincing whilst Raitoguchi sheathed his katana and glided over to where Shalius and Nytahl stood.
"We need to move on." Shalius said to her. Nytahl nodded and tugged her wrist from his grip and picked up the discarded weapon. Her gaze fell on the woman and a sadness overcame her. Nytahl despised nothing more than the death of innocents, she took pride in saving them and giving them a safe place to be.
She shook her head and walked away from her.

"Right, shall we get a move on before we have to kill more innocents?" She snapped to the others. Johnathan nodded and headed off with the last of us at his heels. Raitoguchi frowned.
"Killing innocents has no honour." He comented from beside Nytahl.
"Couldn't agree with you more." She said softly. She looked back to Shalius and winced at how much blood he was coated in. How he must be feeling to be killing his own people, in his own city, Nytahl wondered. 
She felt pity for him, it never helped to have such belief in a God, she thought to herself.  

The End

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