Chapter 16- Fire v fireMature

"Isalor I am sorry that I have failed you, but why have you failed your own?" Shalius said calmly to his god. He was tearing himself apart over the newly launched attack on Isalona, which would probably burn the town to the ground. Johnathan looked at Shalius, and began to feel pity. He would suggest they try to do something, but he knew it was hopeless.

That's when a thought struck him. 

"I have friends in Isalona." The words slipped out of his mouth. Kalton turned from Shalius and looked at Johnathan.

"Do not worry." He stated. "They will have escaped with the others."

"No no no, you don't understand." Johnathan ran towards his arsenal and started searching through it. "My cousin, my best friend and my ex live in Isalona. If I know them like I do, they wouldn't have gone anywhere. They are some of the most protective people I know, and at this very moment they are probably trying to get rid of the entire attacking army." He grabbed a large weapon. It was basically a blunderbuss that he had revamped to become a double barrelled boomstick. "I'm going to find them."

"What, in that?" Nitahl said sharply. "You wouldn't last eight seconds, they'd destroy you." Calmly, Johnathan took his weapon and shot it twice at his targets on his training grounds. After the smoke had cleared, there were no longer any targets on the training ground.

"He'll be fine." Shalius rose up. "But Johnathan, do you know how risky this is? Your friends might be dead even now, is it really worth it?"

Johnathan turned and stared into Shalius's eyes. "That's your town. The town that you have dedicated your life to. The town that the great god of Isalor is sworn to defend, and has until this time. You're just going to stand hear and watch it burn?" Shalius began to grow angry. Johnathan chose to continue. "You should be wanting this more than I do! The one time that Isalona absolutely needs your help, and you were there, kneeling to Isalor asking why he has forsaken you. Well maybe he hasn't." Raitoguchi attempted to approach Johnathan to calm him, but Jonathan raised his hand and halted him. Johnathans voice picked up. "Maybe he's doing everything he can to try and stop the chaos happened in his kingdom. Maybe, he's killing himself trying singlehandedly to put out a massive fire. Maybe, he is doing every single thing in his power to save Isalona, but how would you know? You kneel on the ground and ask why Isalor isn't saving your town, and yet you do not even try to aid him. You are a disgrace to yourself, you are a disgrace to Isalor, and you are a disgrace to every citizen of the town that you are letting go down in flames!" 

With that, Shalius grabbed his sword from the ground and quickly slammed the handle into Johnathans chest. Johnathan fell the the ground as he was about to do it again, but then froze. "You're right." He muttered. "Even if most hope is lost, I cannot simply watch as my home is destroyed. I'm going with you, we're taking out the army." Kalton and Raitoguchi nodded. Nitahl stared at the ground. 

"Remember, we will be killing a lot of those who hurt and kill the innocent." Johnathan said to her.

"I'm in." She walked towards him. "So what's our plan genius? We just going to... walk in and start killing everything we see?"

"Yeah pretty much. Grab a gun everyone, and meet me at the city gates." As everyone was choosing their weapon, Johnathan walked up to the massive gold door of Isalona. The door had been secured by what sounded like many soldiers pushing it shut. Fluidly, Johnathan took his foot, and shot it towards the centre of the door, sending both sides of it flying backwards, and taking the soldiers with it. He looked back and saw his friends about to join him. "All right, let's do this."

The End

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