Chapter 15- ShaliusMature

Shalius Firion

Hearing Kalton's story Shalius was a little shocked, at who he was, and who he is now. He thought of this and thought of what other abilities did his god have, and was any different the Isalor, and why was he different.

"So Shalius why do you serve Isalor so vigilantly?" Raitoguchi asked him. Shalius thought for a second, he didn't know what to say really, there was a lot of reasons.

"Well impartly it's my way of showing my thanks to the Isalonian's, but since I started living in Isalona I fell in love with city and its people. I said when I learned of Isalor's wish to bring around a peace, I couldn't help but serve him and the city." It wasn't all that great of story but it left out all the bits I wished to keep out.

"You talk as if your were not born in Isalona as if you are an immigrant." Raitoguchi noted.

"Yes that is true, my parents hailed from the golden empire actually. I was to young to remember its destruction."  Shalius replied, full well remembering the screams, and terrors of wars. He shook his head throwing the memories aside. 

"Is that why you feel strongly for peace?" Kalton asked. Shalius kept silent, and nodded his head. However he didn't feel that his true feelings were that strong for peace.  There was alot of anger and resentment, and painful memories from when he was younger, he liked to think thought that he had a true want for the peace he spoke of.

"How much longer till your hide out?" Shalius asked Jonathan.

"Not to long." He replied removing his nails from his mouth to speak. That was indeed a strange habit that man had Shalius thought. 

"Is all of those weapons there yours?" Nytahl pointed at seemingly never ending line of weapons.

"Yup built them all myself to!" He said proudly.

"You have far to much time on your hands." Nytahl snorted.

As the rose over the crest of the hill Shalius saw forces marching towards Isalona again, he stopped in awe as the walked in with little resistance fires began to rise around the gates. A tear welled in his eye as he witnessed the beginning of his second home being destroyed. He knew that even if he was there that he would be powerless to stop it. Kalton put a hand on his shoulder comfortingly before continuing past him.  The only thing that comforted him as he watch was the fact that if there was no resistance most of Isalona's people had managed to get away. Shalius unsheathed his sword and stabbed firmly into the ground, he lowed himself to his knee's seeing the reflection of his face.

"Isalor I am sorry that I have failed you, but why have you failed your own?" He said with anger tinging his calm voice. He hoped for a reply but was given non. Was Nytahl correct about the gods, even one seemingly as pure as Isalor?

The End

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