Chapter 14 - A Follower Of MolechMature

Kalton Atiech

We were walking onward and I was thinking, about how God had made all this, this whole creation, and no one was giving him thanks for it. Then, I noticed Nytahl coming closer to me.

Then, she spoke, "So, why did you join with us? We're going to destroy the gods, doesn't that include yours?"

I sigh, and pray a small prayer in my head before speaking, a prayer that I would say the right and true things, and that I would not be misleading.

"I don't believe so, no. My God, has no image, except the Lord Jesus Christ that is. Even in my vision, the Lord was a majestic being, and I believe the sight I saw was simply an external view of his holy glory, and not his actual appearance, because he has no appearance. All these false gods which people worship linger together. In a realm that we are attempting to find. Some call it Olympus, some call it Shamballa, some call it Nirvana. Whatever one calls it it's still the same place. Sheol."


"Sheol, is the Hebrew word that is translated Hell. It is the place where the fallen angels were sent, it was made for them. When Satan, Lucifer, rebelled against God, he was cast out of heaven, and it's in Sheol that they make their stay."

"So, did you follow your 'God' all of your life?"

"No, actually, truth be told, I was a follower of Molech. I had great magic and strength, and I was my city's grand warrior, even though I was at the age of 14."

"Molech? Isn't that the god who eats children?"

"He is."

"So you sacrificed children to him?"

"I did, I was supposed to be a sacrifice, but when I was brought before the idol an earthquake happened, I was saved. Looking back, I believe this to be the direct intervention of God."

"So then, how did you go from Molech to God?"

I snicker, "It's a funny story actually. There was a group of monks passing through the city, christian ones. And the whole city was in an uproar. So, I grabbed them and brought them before Molech. And I charged them with treason against Molech, and that either they sacrifice one of themselves to Molech, or they all die."

"What happened?"

I start tearing up. "I was certain that they'd chose one of themselves. But they didn't. They said, 'Jesus already sacrificed himself for us, we are free.' But, I didn't understand. None of those monks were named Jesus. So, I said that if they didn't chose one, they would all die. And one monk, looked at me right in the eye, and said, 'how about me, chose me.' And he volunteered himself, and then they all started volunteering themselves. And infact argued about which one would be the sacrifice.

"So, I chose one, raised my axe, and I was about to bring it down when a great light filled Molech's Temple. I turned and saw a brilliant glowing figure. And I fell to the ground, thinking it was Molech. And he said 'Kalton, Kalton, why are you killing me?' And I was confused, this wasn't Molech, so I asked, 'Who are you, Lord?' Then he replied, 'I am Jesus, whom you are murdering.' Then, I began to cry and I became blind.

"The monks then had pity of me, and brought me with them to their monastery. I was to frightend to eat or drink for the whole journey to the monastery, especially since I had now become blind. But, then, when we went to the monastery one of the monks, named Ananias laid his hands on my eyes, and I could see again.

"And everyday since, I have tried hard to serve my Lord."

Nytahl walks beside me speechless, "Well, that's quite the story."

I nod. "Yes, quite the story indeed."

Then Shailus spoke up, "Indeed, that was powerful."

Then I blush, having realized that now everyone knew my past. "Hey, isn't that were we're going up ahead!"

The End

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