Chapter 12: The Beginning JourneyMature


Kalton, Shalius, Raitoguchi and Nytahl had started to try and  find this Sukeroku guy.
"So we save this guy from the realm that he is trapped in, and then what?" Nytahl asked as they walked through yet another battered and destroyed town. There was no signs of, no bodies, not even a spec of blood.
They either all walked out or there was soemthing else that were picking there people off one by one.
"He will help us find they way to get the peace that we want and stop these gods from killing more innocent people." Raitoguchi comented from beside her. Nytahl grunted and eyed the shadows warily as they walked on through.
The shadows didn't seem to be normal, they writhed against the walls and the ground and cowered away from the heat of the blazing sun.
Nytahl swpied sweat off of her forehead.
"And just one man can help us achieve so much?" She asked skeptically.
Kalton walked up beside her aa Shalius walked slightly ahead.
"Are we all one man?" Raitoguchi asked her as he geastured around the four of them.
"No, we are not, But you put great expectation into one man." she said to him. He merely smiled and inclined his head. She looked to Kalton and frowned at him.
"So you follow only one god?" She asked him; confused.
He smiled and nodded.
She grunted.
"That's wierd." She comented. He opened his mouth to say something when the shadows seemed start writhing faster the more they travelled into the dead town.
Nytahl stopped and crouched down. She spread her hand against the ground and closed her eyes. She reached down, searching for the connection that merged her witht the earth's secrets. She flinched when the images started to pour into her head. Images of crying and fleeing children, parents sarching for their children but found no trace of them. They fled the town when they noticed that more people had gone missing and cattle were being slaughtered in strange rituals.
Nytahl quickly pulled away from the images and stood up.
"We have problems, very big problems" She said as the shadows grew taller and wider. She started to unsheath her Kabudo Sai's but knew that they'd do no good against they shadows. So she did the only thing she could think of.
"Run!" She shouted as she did just that.
The shadows took on various shape and sizes. They followed after them, gaining speed with each step that they seemed to take.
"How the hell do you fight something that isn't tangible?" Nytahl snarled under her breath as she scrambled over a jagged rock.
"More importantly, how do you fight it and survive?" Someone said from behind her.

The End

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