Chapter 11 - WarMature

Kalton Atiech

"I will travel with you." I said.

Shalius smiled and looked at the other two.

Nytahl cracked first, "Ugh, fine, I'll travel with you two. But only if we get to slay the gods."

Raitoguchi then smiled and looked down, "I should assume that I also will follow you. Your quest and mine seem to converge, let us travel together."

Shalius nods, "Wonderful, but where do we go?"

I respond, "I haven't the slightest. The Lord has not seen it fit to give me the gift of prophecy, I cannot see the future better than any man."

Raitoguchi speaks up, "But, there is a place we might find out."

"Hmm?" Nytahl looks quizzically at Raitoguchi, "And where would that be?"

"There is a man, Sukeroku, who was known to defy against the gods. He almost succeded, only to be trapped in subterranean cave by Izanagi."

"Then, that's where we should go!" Shalius exclaims.

"Right, but we have to deal with this little problem of being in the middle of war."

Then, a lone soldier comes through an alley, either skirting his duties or finding easy prey. Then, he notices us and comes toward us. Nytahl and Raitoguchi get their weapons ready, but I clench my staff.

"Allow me," I smirk.

Then, I say a small prayer, and as the soldier is running at us, I throw the staff as it touches the ground it becomes a King Cobra.

It eyes the soldier and speaks, "I protect Kalton, Servant of the Most High. For it is written 'they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.' And if the angels will do this much for him falling, imagine how much more they shall do when the threat is great!"

Then, Kalton prayed, "Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see."

Then the Lord opened the soldier’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Kalton and the band of people with him. Then, Kalton walked up to the King Cobra and picked it up, and it instantly turned back into a staff at his touch, and he looked at the soldier. And then, the soldier confessed his sins and became saved upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and then he went away.

Kalton then turned to the three others with him, "And that is how the Lord deals with his enemies, by making them his friends. Let us go and find this Sudoku person."

Raiotoguchi corrected him, "Sukeroku!"

"I aplogize."


The End

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