Chapter 10 - Oncoming ChaosMature

Shalius Firion

The man did not look at all harmless he was unarmed and his clothes where of a scholar or a monk. It was yet another adventurer maybe this is what Isalor wanted me to wait for? It was an Unlikely group we had separate beliefs and some had little trust towards others, such as Shalius's new friend Nytahl, Shalius was finding it hard to peg Raitoguchi , but it was obvious he had very strong set belief and was probably honourable enough. As for this man Shalius immediately trusted him, maybe it was because he appeared completely harmless. Maybe because he may share the same hope for neutrality, if he did he had a much better way of showing it then he did. He was dressed ready for a battle unlike this man. Nytahl lowered her weapon but not her guard. Raitoguchi stood quietly and calmly.

" I can see that." Shalius said after the long silence,"What brings you here traveller?"

" I saw the three of you from afar and I heard one of you talking about having to live their mistakes."

"That's none of your Business!" Spat Nytahl.

"On the contrary if you speak of the gods that serve you, I have been sent on a holy crusade to rid humanity of these lesser gods." He replied, Nytahl judging by her body language accepted this response to a degree.

"Which of these gods are lesser, and who do you serve?" Raitoguchi finally said from the mist of silence that seemed to hold him.

"I serve the Lord and only the Lord." He said not completely answering his question which made Shalius believe that his crusade may involve every god in this world excluding his own, this did not bode will with him.

"Traveller what is your name?" Shalius asked putting aside his suspicions," I too have a quest."

"My name is Kalton Atiech, and what is the purpose of your quest may I ask?"

" I have failed to receive the general details of this quest but it is to start an understanding among us, to start a new era without violence. Though as of the late this mission seems impossible, and Isalor the god of Neutrality has failed in protecting this city or any neutrality in this world, and this peace he speaks of seems impossible to find. However I still have the determination to take such a quest even if failure is unavoidable."

He nodded in response, and was about to reply when earth shattering noise shattered the gate into Isalor. The war had started and chaos was already consuming Isalor quickly.

"We must defend the People!" Shalius cried unsheathing his sword along with Raitoguchi, Nytahl was undecided in whether she joined them or retreat to saftey. Kalton was still shocked by the destruction below, but soon regained control of himself and followed the two down the weaving marble steps to Isalona. Nytahl followed a distance behind Shalius had no Idea her motives in doing so but it was quite apparent now that these adventurers where his companions even if was just for this time being.

"Defend those with righteous intentions." Shalius mumbled holding his Index and middle up together. It wasn't the most protective spell that he could have casted but he wanted to spare whatever magic he had left for the battle up ahead. The spell would enhance the protective layers they wore so it would take much more strength to cut through them. Not only that it casted a quarter foot field that would offer resistance to most attacks.  As soon as they reached the bottom of the steps most of the resistance that Isalona could offer had been smashed through and the street straight in front of the group was in ruins some buildings on fire.  On the street was rag tag group of opposing fighters who caught site of the group, and charged in expecting an easy battle.

Nytahl let loose an arrow with incredible accuracy it hit the apparent leader of this group rate between the eyes. Shalius Jumped forwards readying to swing his broadsword in a strong powerful arc.  It crashed into the plated armour and cleaved through  the first three men in the line. They fell back with deep cuts across their torso.  Ratoguchi flanked their sides taking one man down before he knew what was coming to him.  Kalton stood back as the chaos ensued below him.

Shalius and Raitoguchi where forced to fight back to back as the group had them surrounded, Nytahl stood outside the group either shooting arrows in or attacking with her Kabudo sais.

"Heavier blade!" Shalius casted a spell, his sword now glade a light blue and as the broadsword made contact with other weapons in expert perries and counter attacks the enemys seemed to tire quicker, their blades getting heaving with each time their blades made contact Shalius's blade. With a quick blow to the knees five men fell to before shalius. Raitoguchi was quickly dispatching his last two enemy’s with a more aggressive tactic. Nytahl was also finishing up with a man carrying a massive morning star. She ducked underneath a violent swing and sprung forwards stabbing both of her Sais into small opening in the amour.

"Where's the rest of the invading force?"  Shalius asked trying to tame the hurricane of anger swirling inside of him. Kalton pointed towards a city square where it seemed the city gaurd of Isalona had made its last stand.

"You got to be suicidal to run headfirst into that." Nytahl said. Shalius gripped the hilt of the broadsword his whole body was shaking, he couldn't contain the anger. Where was Isalor? Why wasn't he here to protect his own people, his own city?

" It would be foolish." Kalton said.

"But it's the right thing to do." Shalius said his voice noticeably carrying anger this time," I have not the power, nor a spell strong enough to allow us to win. But I cannot stand here without trying!"  With that Shalius ran full force into the fray not looking back to see if anyone followed him, he casted the only spell he knew that would enhance his attacks. 

"Isalor's dragon crest, the last offer, burning punishment!" He yelled with all his might and all of the magic he could wield. Flames Exploded off the surface of his broadsword, he held the blade up in an executioner stance. The flames began to swirl and make contact with the ground. Many of the Invaders stopped to look at the raging storm of fire emanating from Shalius. He brought the sword down with such force the ground below shattered from the magical presence. The ball of flames leapt from him and the blade and increased in size.  It crashed into the mass of invaders Obliterating all that stood in its way. Many of those fighting on side for Isalona took cover wondering if their god Isalor had come to save them.

The Mass of flames shaped itself into a dragon before exploding outwards obliterating a great amount of the invaders. Not enough to stop the attack but a noticeable loss for the enemies. However this left Shalius in a bad state, he was shaking, his body had reached its ultimate limits. His Broadsword clattered onto the cobblestone road beneath him.

"If you placed anymore magic into that spell Shalius you would have died. Even with that amount a significant amount of your lifespan will never return." A voice said in his head.

However fortunately the tides of battle changed as the morale of Isalonian fighters had been rekindled the Invaders were being forced to retreat in confusion.

"You didn't have to win the battle, you only needed to show the right fighting spirit." Kalton said walking behind him.

"Thanks." He murmured still shaking and having the biggest temptation to just curl up on the ground and go to sleep. 

"I will travel with you." Kalton said.

Shalius smiled looking at the other two wondering if the other two would agree.

The End

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