Chapter 9- JonathanMature

Jonathan took the arrow from his crossbow. He examined it, a fine piece of wood, with an explosive bolt and the end. Carefully, he took the bolt off, and placed it into a small wooden case, with a piece of twine sticking out. He closed the case tightly, to make sure none of the bolts fell out, and slid it down the barrel he made for his newest invention. 

Jonathan took a brief moment to think about his actions. He didn't want to get involved in the armaggeddon bloodbath outside, but he had no choice. It would've been different had his father still been around, unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Jonathan always thought that his father was a great man, a brave man, one who no one could defeat. No one, until one day his father made an encounter with Pyrasis, one of three goddesses of seduction. His father had never been one to fall for a woman so easily, but with Pyrasis, he had no choice. Pyrasis had gotten him completely love struck before she finally ripped out his heart. Literally. Since then, Jonathan had plotted to kill her, and the other two goddesses of seduction. 

He had no business in the war, or fighting against the other gods, he just knew what he had to do. Any other kills made by him, were either for training,l or because people got in his way. Of course, he needed resources. So for the past few months, just as things began to get dirty, he created and customized and large variety of firearms and ammo with and arsenal that stretched out below all of Kilimba. This was Jonathans only option, as he was mediocre at magic, and only knew one spell, which he rarely used. 

He picked up his knew weapon and pointed it at his training ground. Which, in this case, was a blank area underground. He didn't bother aiming, as it didn't have much place to go, and just pulled the trigger. The shot ignited the twine and quickly a small fire rushed into the case. The case had gone about forty feet before it hit the ground. Jonathan had almost been disappointed with the results, and that was when the case exploded. The blast had a ten, maybe fifteen foot blast radius, and took out a large portion of the floor. 

"Good." He said to himself. "But how would it work against a target?" He walked over to his ladder and climbed up. As he rose out of his hole he saw large armies attacking the two nearby city gates. One at Kilimba, and one at Isalona. After a quick round of eenie meenie minie mo, he decided to fire at Kilimba. He reached into his pocket and drew out another wooden case. If the situation turned bleak, he had another twenty in his living area.

He loaded the case into the barrel of the weapon, and pointed it at the large group of soldiers attacking the gates. He took account of the wind speed, the distance, and the mass of the case while he finally aimed at a specific spot. He  began counting down in his head. Three.... two.... one.... BANG! 

The case flew through the air and towards the gate. He ducked into his hole to ensure his position would not be comprimised. A few seconds went by and there was no explosion. He began biting his nails, not out of nervousness, out of impatience. His father had always told him that biting nails was like shooting ants with arrows. It wasn't really amusing, and had no purpose, but it was something to do. 


He heard the explosion outside and looked back outside. To his surprise, the explosion seemed to have completely destroyed six men, with another fifteen dead, and twenty injured. All of them began looking around at what could've caused such a thing to happen. Jonathan smiled, knowing that he had succeeded. 

He took another look at the army attacking Isalona. He thought to himself, would it be worth it to kill the attacking soldiers? He then answered to himself. 

Yes, yes it would.

The End

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