Chapter Seven- HatredMature

Nytahl snorted in disgust and looked between Raitoguchi and Shalius.
"What you both expect me to give my name? Can't you just accept that I'm a female fighter and leave it at that?" She snapped out angrily.
They looked at her calmly and just waited for her name.

"Nytahl." She said through gritted teeth.  Raitoguchi inclined his head to her.
 She turned back to face Shalius. 
"Something needs to be done about the gods. My people are dying, our  crops are failing and nations are corrupted. They must be stopped!" She exclaimed.
Raitoguchi frowned.
"You plan to slay the gods? Where is the honour in that? They are our creators, it'll be like killing your mother and father." He said; shocked.  She frowned at him.

"My parents have nothing to do with killing the gods. They need to be executed, they're all too selfish and have no sense of duty. They use their powers for selfish reasons. We make sacrifices daily for things like food and  medacine and they do nothing but laugh it off!" She snapped out. 
Shalius cleared his throat and took a step forward.
"Why is it that you hate the gods so much?" He asked Nytahl. She folded her arms across her chest and glared at him.

"They are all fools." She spat. He watched her with an unreadable expression on his face. She squirmed beneath his gaze and looked at the silent Raitoguchi.
Nytahls  hatred for the gods ran so deep for so long that she didn't know where it ended. Her whole life she has been  raised to never trust them, never look to them for hope. She only makes the sacrifices for her people. If it gave them only a mere ounce of hope, she would do it.

Nytahl sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
"I've lived with their mistakes my whole life, my family has suffered greatly and for what? More wars? More death? They need too be disposed of." She said.
The two men remained silent. Sighing again she turned to Raitoguchi.
"So what's your story? Why're you here? Other than hearing Shalius and I fighting." She asked him.

The End

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