Chapter Six- ReasonMature

Shalius Firion

"Why are you here?" Nythal shot back at Shalius. Shalius felt obliged to tell her nothing but the truth, there was no harm in it. 

" Well first I believe it fair I tell you my name before my purpose. My name is Shalius Firion, I am here awaiting a message from Isalor. Something tells me from the couple days I have been waiting for it will not come."  Shalius paused to see a twitch of hatred come across her face," The gods themselves are not getting along, I fear that this time we'll have to find our own solution."

"The Gods." Nythal snorted in disgust," They only care for their own gains just like any other being of this world."  Nythal had brought a very good point that even Shalius a strong supporter of his own god could offer little argument.

"Yes but their are some that try to walk the line of peace, but greed is inescapable for some." Shalius defended his point.  Nythal shrugged it off," You said you wanted to bring peace to your people? I wish to do the same, but I doubt the answer will lay in killing me, unless your target was somebody else?" 

Nythal did not reply quickly nor did she reveal continue about her true target if there was one," Yes I do and by the sounds of you imply that you hold an answer." Nythal said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"I know nothing of how to bring it, but don't you think Ideally we could all come to a universal understanding of each other? But there is far to much hate these days for anyone to care or understand others needs or troubles. Perhaps if we could venture through these lands we can learn of their troubles, but by then a new war will have come to bare, and only more hatred will come."

"Well sitting there complaining you can't find the answer, hoping the gods will save and doing nothing while others die, in the name of various nations, just doesn't do it for me!" She said with such strength Shalius was taken aback. 

As he was about to respond a sammurai charged in, from the forest wielding a menacing black, and red katana .Shalius shocked by the intruder held his own blade at the ready, while also readying to get out of his way. He stopped before engaging in actual combat, still holding that menacing katana with expert grip.

" I heard a battle!" He growled looking at both Shalius and Nythal.

"Yes, you did." Shalius replied with a similar obviouse comment the man came in with.

"Then it has ended and thankfully with no bloodshed."He said sheathing his Katana with an air of Honour, and pride, that gave Shalius the impression the only reason that blade ever left its sheath was if it was truly needed.

"Yes, and what makes you think you should charge into others buisness and interfere!" Nythal said with a very snobby sound to her voice, the man stood for a moment speechless before at all responding.

"I only wished to prevent this cycle of perpetual death."

"Well it does seem to me that in this case it is. What is your name if you will be so kind to give it?" Shalius asked him now sheathing his own blade now to show he meant no harm.

"My name is Raitoguchi."

" I mine is Shalius Firion." Shalius replied turning to Nythal wondering how she would reply.

The End

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