Far BelowMature

Raitoguchi made his way along a worn path through the thickened forest.  He could hear fighting in the distance, something he'd rather avoid.  However, this was something the young samurai could not accomplish.  His master's words echoed yet in the depths of his mind.

"I am Okuninushi.  You know me, yes?  Take me as your master, and end this dishonorable violence.  Destroy anyone that gets in your way.  Together, Raitoguchi.  Together we will unite this blackened unbalance."

His eyes narrowed.  Since he was a young boy, he had been trained in the art of combat as a samurai.  Yet he'd never imagine that he'd be thrown into such a conflict.  His mind had assumed that he'd be put under the service of a noble, or perhaps even the emperor himself.

"Yamato....  Sama....  No, I cannot think of that now.  What honor that might have been has now been replaced by serving a god.  Okuninushi-sama, I will unite the world for you!  For honor and pride!"

He rushed forward to the sound of battle, hoping that he could stop this perpetual cycle of death. 

The End

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