Chapter Four- A show Of HonourMature

Nytahl rolled her shoulders and held back the wince when her back throbbed from getting slammed against the wall. she looked down at her lone Kabudo Sai and back to the male. She gritted her teeth when she saw that the distance was not in her favour.
She quickly sheathed the weapon and held her hands out at her sides, making him think that has giving up.
"I'm not giving you my name, names have power and I will not give someone that power overme." Nytahl said to him coldly. Before he could reply she crouched down and whipped out her bow and set a arrow against the bowstring. The tip of the arrow was painted black so the lights wouldn't flash along the tubbed blade and give away the arrows.
Nytahl cocked her head and listened to the wind.
"Fifteen metres length, one metre wide. Vulnerable spot in thighs, shoulders and head. Max strength required" She pulled back the arrow and let it fly with a quick flick of her wrist. The arrow sliced through the air toward the powerful male. She stood up and ran toward him as she loaded in another arrow. She listened to the wind again and twisted the bow so the right so the arrow curved around and sailed toward his side.
Nytahl stopped and gaped in horror as the arrows bounced off some sort of force field and landed at his feet. She huffed out an annoyed breath and put the bow away.
Recognizing the better opponant she bowed deeply.
So much for him being a victim! Nytahl thought in outrage.
"The names Nytahl." She said through her bared teeth.
The male watched her through distrusting eyes, causing Nytahl to squirm beneath his steady gaze.
"Why are you here?" he asked.
She winced.
"I'm here to try and stop another war from happening so my people and I can survive." She spat out. He nodded.
"Where is your army then?" He asked Nytahl. Her lip curled in disdain.
"I need no army. I fight not sit in a throne and watch people die." she said with an offended sniff.
The male nodded again. He lowered his sword slightly and Nytahl couldn't help but eye it in appreciation. The blade looked sturdy and very sharp. She shivered when she remebered that she had been inches away from being impaled with said sword.
"Why are you herre?" Nytah; asked him as she hesitantly walked closer to him, showing him her submission and fighting her honour every step of the way.

The End

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