Chapter three: A meeting of bladesMature

Shalius Firion

Shalius turned around his body tense, he was being watched, as he turned his green eyes met the hazel eyes of blondish white woman. Her appearance reminded him of an assassin with her bow at the ready on her back, and two small blades resembling a dagger but the main shaft of the weapon was far to thin to be a dagger. Her left hand was dangerously close to one of those blades. Shalius looked into her eyes again, he could see her eyes were filled with a deep hatred. 

"Who are you?" He called out to the woman readying himself for anything she could throw at him. There was no reply, the two stared at each other for a few more tense moments unsure who should make the first move.

Shalius could easily see the woman would beat him any rounds involving speed or range, however he knew he had advantage in defence, so if she kept her distance her range would cancel out. Within a close range though he would be at a disadvantage against those two blades. Logically he thought it would be prudent to begin the battle with a ranged spell.

"Isalian hound." He murmured throwing his left hand out as a burst of light emanated forth turning into a proud dog and charged the woman.  She drew out her blades and quickly countered the hound avoiding it and using an elemental attack throwing it against the a white pillar shattering cracking the pillar the spell dispersed.  Shalius quickly noted those weapons were enhanced. He ran charged up to her side forcing her to jump as swung his longsword through the air. The tip missed her abdomen by mirror inches. She had to be off balance this was his chance to inflict a disabling charm.

"Vor..." He wasn't able to finish phrase as she landed a kick on his jaw. He rolled to the right blocking an attack as he stood. His jaw was twitching in pain, blood began to pool in his mouth he quickly spat it out. He underestimated her speed, a mistake he wouldn't make again.  He brushed off a few more attack quickly regaining his composure. He needed to gain an vantage point but his nature of being defensive was betraying him right now.  He parried off another few quickly made attacks sending sparks into the air. Shalius noted her attacks quickly thought out, so they must lack true force. He jumped back  clenching his fist and raising his middle and index figures, and murmured a light charm as he faked a block and allowed himself to take a hit. Her blades slid off course as it grazed an invisible field around his armour. He was correct, now he had surprised his opponent he acted as he brought the hilt of his sword down on her left arm disarming that arm. He swung his sword forcing her to jump back from him. She was just where she wanted her.

"Tiring blast!" He called forth a great sum of magic that centred around his sword pushing out the air violently whipping it around the temple blowing out any torches or flames within the vicinity of the battle.  The magic pushed off the blade causing him to slide backwards while it hit The woman thowing her against the wall with powerful force. She slid to the ground stubbornly holding onto her one remaining blade. Shalius was breathing heavily that spell taking a lot out of him as well. The woman looked up seeing the odds of her getting her other blade that laid about 30 feet from her.  Shalius shouldered his longsword for a moment.

"I repeat who are you? I have no wish in completely disabling a competent warrior as yourself." He said feeling he was coming off  arrogant, but he had little care of continuing the battle, and if his bluff worked he wouldn't have to.

"I' am not afraid of you." She spat back," And why should I tell you anything?" His bluff had been called. He unshouldered the blade and allowed the tip to fall near the ground.

"This is the temple Isalor, and you are disturbing the sanctity of this temple, and I bear the mark of Isalor, and those who disturb this site answer to me!" Shalius voice said with a mystifying power, as his sword began to glow. His heart wasn't in the battle but if she insisted he would fight.

The End

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