Chapter two- NytahlMature

Nytahl crouched behind the massive stair case and watched the male look over the city. Her left hand went to one of her sheathed Kabudo Sai's on her thigh; she caressed the hilt as her eyes narrowed in on the male.
How easy it would be... she thought to herself. Her muscles tensed and her sense honed in on the male.
There she crouched like a predator stalking it's prey; but something about the male didn't scream prey, instead it had gooseflesh rising on her arms and shivers skittering down her back. Nytahl knew than that the male had either alot of power or he was just as good of a fighter than she, maybe better.
She glanced at the sky in disgust, knowing the the Gods were behind this. She took her hand off of the Kabudo Sai and slowly stood up.
This meeting or whatever the hell it was is a joke, Nytahl had better things to do with her free time. She could've been hunting in the forest or feasting with her people.

She heaved a sigh of annoyance and saw the males back tense. she watched as he turned to face her and she was struck by the pain that she saw in his brilliant green eyes. Not prey, but victim... she thought.
Nytahl's one weakness is victim's, their helplesness and misfortune. and it was the Gods' fault that her people were slowly dying from the growing danger of yet another deadly war, all because of their greed and selfishness her people suffer. When they sat upon their thrones fat with ambrosia and hydrated with wine.
Her knuckles clenched at her sides and a muscle ticked in her jaw.
She looked back to the male and stood there watching him, weighing him, waiting for his show of strength or the fall to his knees to beg.
Whichever one it was Nytahl didn't know and a part of her didn't want to find out.
Just who was this male? She asked herself in curiosity.

The End

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