The Clash (Title under revision)Mature

In a world filled with mythical forces comes forth a great adventure.

Shalius Firion stood on the beautiful shining marble of the Temple Isalor. Isalor being a god of neutrality and magic. He was one of the many gods of this world. He had many flaws, but did his best to remain neutral in a world charged with conflict. Below the steep marble steps lay a beautiful city merging into a rocky mountain side bathed in a golden sunset that prominently showed proud towers reaching high into the air. While  to the right city was covered in a thick forest which they had built house among the trees. Shalius loved the City of Isalona with such a degree he had swear his life to serve it.

However things were looking grave for Isolona has two quarrelling groups had come to sort out their differences in the great meeting halls of Isalona but things had gone from bad to worse, and now their armies waited impatiently outside the gates of the city. Waiting for an order to barrel through and take on their enemy. Many of the citizens were now trying to push the hostile forces out of Isalona. Which aggravated the lords of the forces. Who had waved that as a Neutral country that we should host negotiations. However these negotiations were now turning towards war. One unchecked step and war would break out. No doubt the gods were also arguing in their own way. This world of many myths, gods, and magics had come to a cross roads. Shalius could feel it in the wind, he could feel the tension as if it were a rope being torn apart, while holding an immense weight, it would soon snap if tensions aren't eased.

Shalius closed his stunning green eye, a single tear left his left eye, he felt helpless in the tide of anger. Even someone like himself who has been blessed with divine gifts from Isalor, he hadn't the power to over turn the oncoming conflict. The wind blew strongly blowing his crimson, and green cape, back, showing his lightly worn leather armour with metal plates integrated over the chest and his forearms.  This was more of a formal outfit, but it still served as armour when needed.  Shalius waited, patiently on the temple steps that stood high over Isalona, Isalor had told him, their was a possibility of a quest that could bring back the peace between lands, but Shalius had little hope that any sort of pilgrimage could solve these problems. Though Shalius realized he was only a punitive mortal compared to Isalor, and hadn't the foresight to see what he meant, so he obeyed and waited, wondering what lay before him on his adventure through these vast lands.

The End

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