birth of somthing big.

After the battle i spent the evening fixing my wounds, it stung but i was sick of bleeding so i ignored the pain and kept on stitching my arm.  the sun was setting when the i looked out the window, the bodies had been cleared from the road, the bodies were now getting buired and the armour and swords were now ours. a hadn't seen the jackel since i saw her kissing him, my heart was breaking and i felt like killing that pathetic little man, after they kissed

i'd spoken to him, his smug grin set my teeth on edge. but at least he did what he was told, the men were all now assembled in the court yard. i walked down the stairs and out the door, he was there talking to them, i saw me and stopped, they all turned to face me, taking his side i adressed them "men, you did well today!" they cheered, after they were again calm i kept talk "but this is just the start, today we fought back, and it's about time we did it again!! i want you to go far and wide, to every town and city, and you get everyone who is willing to weild a sword, and to stand by us, this is the dawn of a new age, an age of freedom!" i smiled to myself as they all cheered.

that night the men were packing there things, and so was i.  now that i was healed from the vemon i knew it was time to set off, and start this new age with them. just as i had filled my bag there was a soft knock at the door, "come in" , the door opened slowly and she walked in, all angry and hating left me at the look of her beautiful face, i knew that she was with him, but i didn't care. "are you leaving?"  her soft voice asked, "yes." i said back sternly.

"why?"  she said, i could her the sadness in voice. "i'm going to the great city, to get fighters for our course" she walked over to me and even looked dead into my eyes, i don't know what she saw in my eyes but i know what i saw in hers, sadness, loss, love and fear, so many feelings, i gently held her hand, leaning in slowly i kissed her lips gently, leaning back i looked at her face in the moonlight. her eyes now closed, i grabbed my bag and walked past her, she turned and as i stepped out the door our eyes met one last time, i didn't know if i'd see her again, but i wished i got the joy of hearing her voice one last time.

so here i am, moon on my face, wind on my back, walking to the great city, to tryant better get ready, we're coming for him, no matter how many men we get, and if i have to die, the last things i'll see is his blood on my hands...

The End

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