Celeste knew what was happening. She knew what was going to happen. Men were going to die and she was going to scream for them. She was going to sing her song and release them from life.

She slipped away at the first chance she had. She wouldn't be missed. She was only a girl, a 16 year old at that. She knew no one wanted her adding to the screams. She sat behind one of the buildings, with her knees to her chest.

Trying to get her breathing under control before it happened, she felt the shaking start - the first sign she was going to sing for the dead. She heard the first few rows of men fall into the trap, she heard them shouting. She knew it wouldn't have been many. Certainly not enough to ensure every family got their father back in one piece.

The shaking became full-on tremors. Her heart felt like it was being squeezed by some invisible hand. It felt as if it was going to burst, although Celeste knew it felt like this every time and that it wasn't going to explode inside her chest.

She let the scream loose. It tore through the air with horrendous volume. She hoped the sound of battle would drown her out but with every man that fell, the scream only got stronger, louder.

After what seemed like hours of battle, of screaming, it stopped. Quiet settled in Celeste's mind. The peace was only broken by the sound of far-off fighting. It was probably just what remained of the army.

Celeste realised it was almost pitch black. She had no idea how long she'd been sat there, but her joints were stiff. Her throat felt like someone had rubbed a metal file along it several times.

Footsteps approached her hiding place. Celeste made herself even smaller than she naturally was in an effort not to be seen.

"Are you alright, Celeste?" It was Aaron, the Kitsune. It was too late for Celeste to hide; he'd seen her and was already sitting down beside her. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," she said roughly.

"You know that guy, don't you?" he asked her. She shrugged, unable to speak.

She knew Kitsune could hear thoughts if they were allowed so she showed him the memory of her and the wolf playing by the stream. She smiled to herself. There was something between them that she could tell neither of them could describe.

Aaron touched her jaw, making her look up at him. After a moment, his lips were on hers. It was her first kiss, she had no idea what to do, but she liked it. The gentleness of his lips felt so... right. But then he was gone.

Celeste opened her eyes to see Aaron lying on his back several feet away. A man was talking to him in a low tone, which just made him laugh. The man grabbed him and hauled him to his feet. Aaron stopped laughing but kept his smirk. The man said something else to him. Aaron turned on his heel and walked away, presumably still smirking.

The man that had pulled Aaron away from Celeste turned to face her. She was shocked at who it was. It was him. It was her wolf.

The End

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