battle of sunrise meadow.

"ok, i'll talk to her" the last tihng i remember saying after he left, i went to the bed again, i put on my cloths and wepons, just in case that little bastard wanted to act tough. after i was armed i left the room and walked down the old stairs, dust kicking up after me.

i opened the door and stepped into the sunlight.  i looked around and found she was no where to be seen. i felt sad, i didn't know who she was or why i cared, but i did.  i could hear somthing miles away, i thought it was thunder, so before the rain ruined the rest of the day i went for a look around. the markets were bright and filled with smells and sounds new to me, ever after all these years of fitting in by choice, what ever form i chose here, i'd never fit in with the rest.  i bought some fruit, and leant against a wall to eat it, soft and juicy. Every mouthfull was amazing.

after i was done i looked around for something else to do, then i saw it, smoke or dust, rising up over the top of the valley an army was coming, i went back to the house, he was there, sitting reading a book, "there coming, the tyrants here". he looked at me speachless but i already left, i stood in the street, people already seeing what i saw, but my ears picked up more, i yelled out into the street "men! arm yourselves! get the women and children out of here! there coming!!"  panic came over in a second, women ran, crie and screams came from everywhere, men yelling and grabbing everything to fight, pitchforks and a few knives, a voice behind me said "this won't be enouth" it was her.

i turned to face her, "it's all we have, i'll scout, get everyone ready" before she replied i was away, running down the road as fast as i could, i jumped and my cloths fell to the floor, i had shifted into a hawk and flown as fast as i could to see what we faced, it was an army, big, at least 300 in heavy armour.  i return as fast as i could. i got my cloths on on rushed up to them both "ok then, 300, heavy armour, we're going to soldiers not peasent's. this is bad" they looked at me, pale faced and worried. i knew what we had to do, we set up a den and had a map set out, "ok, we can set up a barricade on the main street and i know it's old but a coverd hole will work, we can dig deep and then hold them off for a little while. but this wil be murder."

I shifted into a huge black wolf, they shifted to a fox and a jackel, both small and boney, i did most of the work, a few men dug with us but most stared or set the blockade. we worked untill pit was deep, and when we had shifted and climbed out we looked over, they were close, half a mile at best, we coverd the hold and made it blend in with the rest of the street. i was in human form when they marched into view, arrows came at us, the sky was black, we hid, when we looked again they were so close, they charged at us, swords high, i stood on the barricade and called out "come and get me!!" i was war drunk, ready to die, just wanting of those tiny men, hidden in metel to give me a death of glory. they were on it, the pit collapsed and 20 men fell! so here we were, 280 vs 73 we ran our, swords swinging and blood flying, they fell, and so did we. they ran, and the tyrants army rushed over us like a giant wave.

i shifted, bear, claws and teath replaced the sword i had in my hand. so many ran away and those who fought died, lighting flashed behind me and there were cry's from somone behind us, the 70 became 20 and the 300 became 50. they fled away, yelling, arrows coming back when they had a chance. we fixed our wounds and buried our dead. i didn't know why, but i felt sad for there loss, this was a nice place and it was a big loss. and here we were, the few against the many, 3 of us just standing there, blood soaked and and tired, i turned to them and said, "welcome to war." that night i went to the camp outside the village and took care of the remaing scum, a few men helped, it was easy.

no matter what they wear or how they act, they die like dogs. i didn't know what it was yet, but somthing was coming, somthing big, and i wanted in.

The End

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