An Enemy?

I was sat downstairs in the inn. I didn't want anything to drink; I knew what happened when I got drunk. 

I thought about today's events. Celeste had demanded that we take the man to an inn so we had. Of course, I'd changed back into a human before I was chased out of the town with pitchforks and torches. What a life it was I led.

I looked at Celeste. She was stood in the door, watching the market. I guessed she'd never seen one before. There were occasionally markets back at the hive, if there were merchants brave enough.

I heard footsteps upstairs. That man must be awake. I stood quietly and walked up the stairs, making sure Celeste didn't see me. I knocked on the door of the room we'd booked for him. It opened after a little while.

He still looked weak but he was definitely better.

"So you're a shifter?" I asked him quietly. His face took on a suspicious expression.

"Depends who's asking," he replied. I smiled.

"There's no use pretending. I know magic when I see it. You're a shifter," I told him.

"What's it to you what I am?" he asked, still suspicious.

"Nothing, I was just wondering about your connection to Celeste."

"Why don't you ask her?" He slammed the door in my face.

Why didn't I just ask Celeste? Maybe I was scared of the answer. I wanted her, but what if she was already with the shifter? What would I do then? I'd leave them alone, that's what I'd do. But that wasn't true, it was a lie and I knew it was. I would fight for her. I wanted her and no one got in my way when I wanted something. Besides, there were countless ways I could kill him. 

The End

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