i didn't know if the eyes were real, the last soldier was a bloody pile of flesh, there was blood in my eyes and the arrows pierced my skin, poison in my viens. i was seeing blurs, the bodys, fire, the yellow eyes, i knew them and kept on them, but i kept loosing them, i tried walking to them, but the venom in my body was to strong, i shifted to a snake trying to combat the evil that was slowly killing me, it worked, i think, i awoke with the sun on my face, a wooden bed under my body, my head spinning, i had only my trousers on, i glanced down at my chest, pale in the light, scars over every inch of it.

after a few moments i looked around, wanting to see who had got me here, there were town noise's outside, i struggled to my feet, the venom had made me weak, i went to the open window, the breaze cool against my bare skin, i looked around, there was a market, people of every race and color walking around, i looked down, there she was, slim body, yellow eyes, standing at the door, the jackel. another shifter? one of my own kind? i didn't know yet, but now was my chance to find out.

The End

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