i'm behind you.

I didn't know where I was but I knew where I had to be, the screams were coming from the other side of the woods and in the form of a horse, i galloped as fast as i could without alert the targets to where i was, i slowed down, stayed at the tree line, my eyes scanning the grassy plains, a lone fire was just in sight about half a mile away and i could just see some shadows and screaming women and shouting men could be heard from everywhere near by, a hawk seemed like a good animal to be, silent and deadly, a perfect scout, i flew into the cool nights sky, swooping in the clouds and diving near the fire, i saw at least six men, all in heavy armour and lots of women tied up lying on the floor, there wagon over turned and on fire, where ever they were going, it wouldn't be tonight.

i flew close and landed, keeping low , i shifted to human form and went to the edge of the fire, i drew my sword and waited till one of them was close there leader, a tall skinny man in very little armour said to the others "what should we do with them lads? keep the pretty one and kill the rest?" they yelled with joy and kept burning the wagon, i waited, a young man came close, to close, i swung my sword and with a crack of bones and a bloody scream his head rolled onto the floor, the look of terror on his face forever. they all turned to face me but i was gone, next two of them hit the floor, on of them impaled on the floor by my sword, the other dragged into the shadows kicking and screaming, waiting for his throat to be slit by my teeth.

the two soldiers left ran as fast as they could back towards the tyrant's tower, good, let his men know that the people of this land have a saviour. the general looked at my, a crosbow in each of his hands, pointed at me, "your a good fighter, but your not immortal, there are 8 arrors in these two and they are going to end your pathetic life right now" he spat the words at me, i said back in a calm voice "what makes you so sure i can die? and you can fire every one of those bolts but your head will hit the floor by the last one" he shot one and it hit, my shoulder, next my chest, i ran at him, the next 6 flew past, scrapping past, my blood hitting the sparkling grass, i was 6 feet away from him, one bolt was left, he was aiming right at me, our eyes met througth the crosshair and i knew i had to do somthing before i became the next body on the ground i shifted in mid air a bear, i swipped at him with my claws and ite at him with my teeth, he let out a yelp and fell to the floor, dead.

i shifted, and wiped the blood of myself, i untied the women and gave them the money to from the soldiers to get a new wagon. i ran into the night and flew into the moonlit sky. just waiting for the tyrent's next move, so i could wash my hands with the blood of the scum that ruined my life.

The End

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