old hands. new tricks.

It was a warm summer night, i liked it. sweet pine in the air, a cool breeze at my back, and a soft stream running along next to the road, i walked, human form was nice.  without warning an arrow hit the ground next to my left foot, men ran at me from all sides and i knew who they were and what they wanted.  "jacob, you've grown, both in yourself and your men" i called looking at the men who were around me. there leader, my closest friend and the leader of these thieves called back, "my friend, we have need of your skills" "will you ever just say hello?" we talked for at least five minates, then got planning out attack, a cargo hut with 15 men and more stocks then we needed.

a plan was set out, 4 teams. we ran for miles, deep to the south, changing forms as we ran, matching our beasts to where we were, after we got to the tree outline we spread out, we got wepons, or shifted for those of us who could. we charged into the light of the fires, wepons swinging, arrow's fyling, those who did not die or run fought but were out numberd and killed within seconds.

the rewards were food for everyone. we took our load and went our own ways, with more raids, and any more bar fights, i didn't think the tyrents army would last much longer, but a few men couldn't do it like this forever, somthing had to be done...

The End

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