war and peace.

i turned to face them, drew my sword and yelled "you are here to fight, you are here to die. " i awoke suddenly, the dreamed words rang in my ears as my last war played in my mind, my men had ran into battle at those words, and died as those words rang out...

i looked around, i was in the woods,  wolf form, great! i was near blood, i could smell it. i needed food, so i ran south, the smell getting stronger. i came to a clearing after a few minates of running, i looked around, deer, everywhere, at least 20 of them. stay low i got closer, and closer, i picked out a doe, she was young, and smaller then most, an easy target. i glanced to my left and there she was, at first all i saw was a jackel, but then it hiit me, she was different. beautiful, her eyes were like mine, was she different as well? would i ever know?  she looked at me, i turned away, shy.

thinking back to my task, the doe was close, i pounced, it was a few feet to her but i cleared it in one jump. my teeth tore her throat with no problem, the blood in my mouth was warm, and sweet, i loved it after so long. I ate, and watched her, it was an amazing thing to do, look into her sweet yellow eyes, watch her steady breathing, i felt somthing towards her, i wanted to be with her. I stepped back, and looked at the meal, then at her, an offer she took, we ate for a while. after we were done i turned and walked away, not wanting to be in the open to long, i heard her, she followed me for a long time, back into the woods, i thought she might be thirsty so a stopped by a stream and drank, in the hope she would too.

after we had out fill we looked at each other, just sat and stared into each others eyes, this feeling for her was strong, and i still didn't know what it was, but my heart was racing. she looked at the water and smiled, even as a jackel she had a beautiful smile, she pounced into the water and spalshed it at me, even doing this she was beautiful and full of grace, like an angel. i followed her, as i knew i would do for the rest of my life.

we danced in the water like children, we luaghed and played. it was heaven to me. i knew what this feeling was towards to beauty that stood before me, and that was all i needed to know...

The End

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