A Friend

Celeste stirred in her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times. She got up and stretched, looking around. She realised she wasn't by the fire anymore, she was in a tent. She pushed her head through the gap in the fabric and sat down.

There must have been about ten men  around the campsite. She stepped carefully further into the open. A few stared at her, watching her with an air of confusion and interest. Their clothing was torn and ragged but they went on with their business anyway.

There was a man across the camp from her. He didn't seem too happy. He headed towards the fire in the middle of the circle of tents. He was quite tall, taller than she was as a human anyway. His brown hair and blue eyes glinted slightly. Simply from the look in his eyes, Celeste could tell that he'd seen death, lots of it. Her Foresight granted her tat gift, to see the death that others had seen. He was a fighting man, Celeste could tell that much. A bandit maybe?

Celeste trotted after him, hoping not to be noticed. And, of course, she wasn't. Her small size made her all but invisible. She followed the man to the fire. She watched him from a distance for a while, her bushy tail swishing across the dry soil.

Celeste tipped her head to the side, examining this man with such curiosity. He must have seen it. He must have seen the human traits in her eyes. He looked away. She moved closer to him, wanting to learn more about this man. He was sat down on a large log opposite her by the fire. She jumped up at sat next to him, looking out over the flames, glancing up at him occasionally. He must have been getting slightly irritated.

"Can I help you?" he asked sharply, not expecting a reply.

Not really, she projected to him. He was stunned, looking around for the person who said it. He brought his eyes back to Celeste slowly.

"Hello," he said to her suspiciously, wondering if he was losing his mind.

Hello, she replied mentally. She could have just spoken to him but telepathy tended to shock humans less than a talking jackal.

"Are you talking to me?"

Do you see anyone else around?

"But you're... an animal."

A jackal, thank you very much. And not exactly.

The End

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