Erika; The nightfall.

  She stared blankly at the walls.  Where does time go? She wondered glaring at the clock with a solemn look. Her scents tingled after smelling a Human male dash through the woods.  Erika smelt the blood. He had to have been miles away. But the smell was irritating her. She wanted it. More than her own humanity back.

 It was time to be apart of something, get revenge. All she could think about was her young sister whom died fighting for Erika.  The thought of war sicked her, but killing was the other thing was ever good at. Somewhat. Erika stood up. Her stomach dropped.  She stared out the window into the night. The twinkling stars above. She never liked nightfall, she knew what it meant. Death.

She snatched a hold onto her sword. Carefully placing it into its sheath, then placing a small dagger inside her boot.  She then set out into the night. She hated the dark ever since she was chased through it. This, just made her stronger. She dashed through the woods,  panting as she went on. Then she stopped. In the middle of the woods. There was a large clearing.  She stood still, silent.  Looking around at her surroundings. Her sensitive hearing quickly picked up on the snapping of a twig.  She stood quite, waiting.

The End

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