Celeste: Food

Celeste wandered through the thick forests on her own, as usual. Her sharp hearing picked up every sound, from the movement of insects to the running of deer. She stepped gingerly through the undergrowth, wearing a small dress made of deer hide. Even the pink-ish skin of the hide contrasted with her pale skin. Her feet were bare, but it didn't bother her much when she stood on something.

She didn't mind her solitude, nor did she mind being in a small group. She was a Bardi, a female shape-shifter. Though, unlike, most forms of shapeshifters, she was tied to only one form - a jackal. She had the gift of Foresight; she could tell when someone was about to die and it resulted in a wailing screech that could be heard for miles.

The twigs reached for her light brown hair, pulling the strands of black and white behind her as she walked. Her pale yellow eyes pierced the foliage. Celeste smiled; she could never be cornered by predators, not when her vision was better than their's, and her hearing too.

Her small nose twitched as the smell of blood reached her. Her entire form shifted. Her legs shortened and short hair sprouted all over her pale skin. Her thin figure fell onto all fours just as a tail grew from her spine. Her teeth curved and sharpened.

Her transformations used to take up to ten minutes but, with practice, it now only took her about a minute. She followed her nose to the scent of blood, hoping for a carcass. Jackals were scavengers as well as hunters. They were also omnivorous but Celeste was getting tired of berries and fruit.

Celeste followed the smell, until it faded and another one took its place; the scent of cooking meat. She paused for a moment, before continuing towards the source. What if the beings were hostile? What if they weren't? Either way, Celeste wanted to investigate.

She hid behind a thick tree, observing the scene before her. A small group wandered around their campsite, their eyes staring at the cooking meat hungrily. Celeste's stomach groaned at her. She was hungry, very hungry, and she couldn't eat any more fruit without developing a dental problem. She wanted some meat to sink her teeth into. She was craving it.

She trotted forward a few steps slowly, towards the camp, without meaning too. The men mainly ignored Celeste, but a couple watched curiously and cautiously. She walked a few more steps towards the man turning the spit. He looked up at her and she took several steps back. The man smiled and beckoned her forward.

Celeste tipped her head but stepped slowly towards him. He cut off a slice of meat and held it out to her. She sniffed it and took it in her teeth, devouring it without seconds. With her hunger finally sated, she curled up next to the man's leg and smiled in her mind, unsure whether her lips curved or not. She was already falling asleep. The heat of the fire lulled her gently to sleep. The man stroked her head softly, curiously watching the fox-like being at his feet.

The End

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