pius: unwelcome company.

as the hooded figure sat in his same dark corner, his dark eyes scanning the room over his beer mug, he thought to himself, "i should be home soon". he downed the last of his beer and slowly rose to his feet, his hood falling back slightly to show his yellow eyes taking one last scan of all the drunken faces filled with sorrow.

the door  flung open and seven army men walked in, swords in there hands. the rushed all over the place, pushing everyone to one wall, apart from pius who had sneaked back into his dark corner,  the owner of the pub, an old friend of pius's and a man who never let his age stop him, ran over to the men, a knife hidden in the back of his trousers, "what in god's name are you doing you bastards? get out of my pub, your kinds not welcome here!" he screamed at them. the leader turned to face the old man and raised his hand to strike, he was a short, fat man. with a pink face, large mostache and was about the same size as the owner, so when he stuck it would be almost like twins fighting, in a flash the owner pulled his knife and cut the mans fat face, he took a step back in shock, "big mistake" he pulled a sword and thrust it at the man, but stopped before he could strike the blow, his arm flew from his body and bounced off the wall, blood poured out as he screamed in both pain and shock, as from the shadows rushed a huge bear, his head came off and rolled, the look stuck on his face forever, his men screamed as they were cut down one by one, blood in pools on the floor, limbs flying everwhere. after a few minates the room was clean, everyone was drinking again, and the bodys were outside in a hole.

the old man and pius spoke for many more minates, "thank you again my old friend, we must be even by now?" he luaghed and pius joined in "twenty more times from you, and then we will be" they left it as that, chuckles from each other as they parted, pius back to his guard duty, alex to his pub. as he enterd the camp he called out "seven- one to us boys!" and this was met by cheers. "once again the shape shifter has pulled it off... seven men!" they talked, and went on with there work, waiting for the armys next step, and to see when they notice they were down a few pawns...

The End

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