The Chronicles of Seleverin

A fantasy collab about a group who are forced together to play a vital role in the rebellion against the overruling tyrant


Through fire and ash, shadows and darkness, there rose a leader. An evil leader. He became a tyrant, bestowing a reign of terror on the world.

Shadows spread like poison, creating a sickness throughout the land as demons and creatures of darkness spawned. One by one, the towns and cities’ resistance crumbled. No one could stand in the way of the overwhelming mass of his demon army. All hope became lost. There was no option but to bow down to his rule.

Bandits and thieves began to pillage and burn, taking advantage of the desperation. The forces of the ruler swept through the land, enforcing his strict rule, punishing those who resisted. People became more and more secluded as they no longer knew who to trust.

From the darkness, seeds of a rebellion were sown among those who still had the willpower to fight back. As rebel forces grew, so did the numbers of the Tyrant’s army. War is brewing, a war which could result in the destruction of everything people hold dear. Armies mass, the rebels hidden in a secret location, the forces of the king in plain sight for everyone to see. And an intimidating sight they were.

Destiny will have a hand to play, as a small group of heroes is slowly being drawn together. Their role in the war will be vital, their decisions crucial, and their affiliations paramount in deciding who the victors shall be. 

The End

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