Exipia: Unexceptable or NotMature

I skip up the stairs. My room is the one right at the top of the oak. I sometimes wonder how Fleince reaches the balcony but.... No time to think about it.

"Exipia!" Samuels voice echos. Instead of stopping I leg it.

I hear the buzz of his wings and jump into the air my self. I zoom straight up and I hear Samuel close behind me then... He tackles me and we tumble to the steps.

We both begin to laugh and everyone takes a quick look before shaking there head and continuing on there way.

"Well, Exipia. Where were you?" Samuel says pulling both me and himself to our feet.

"Do I need to tell you?" I say looking at the floor.

Samuel sighed. "Exipia.."

"Don't start" I say before he can continue then I begin up the stairs once again.

"You have a meeting" Samuel calls.

"I'll get cleaned up then be down" I shout back. At this point in time even though politics is fun I don't want to be thinking to much right now.

Samuel has dampened my mood. I hope I will see Fleince tonight.

The End

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