I sit in my throne, my pale green skin glows in the moon light. My people dance around a small fire, the lucious forest dances along side them.

My name is Wytheg, I am the queen of the Faeries. We faeries are musical, we can entrance another with our voices or dancing - we can be extremely alluring when we want to be. If say, a human wanders into our domain - the forests of the world - then and listen to our music then they are half captured, but if they dance or join in then they become ours. Forever.

We are generally peaceful creatures, unless you trespass out of the dedicated regions we have graciously given to the humans. We have one unfriendly relationship with the pixies, we're not enemies so to speak. Just not friends. As the eldest of all creatures in the the forest, I remember how the dispute happened. That is a tale for another time, though. Where the pixies manipulate the elements to their own gain, we can work with the earth and the plants and the animals.

I stand out of my grassy throne, my dress made from the forest's flowers glitters in the light, the dew like millions of diamonds. I raise a lean hand, my deep green hair flutters in the wind. "Be soft, my people. For tonight has to end, and we must rest our souls, for the coming days."

My people bow down to the floor, as the queen I may have a kind - but the queen is always more powerful amoung our people, unlike other creatures like the gnomes. Despite popular belief, we faeries are tall, some as tall as the trees themselves, it's just that sometimes we can shrink ourselves to make it easier to live. We all have pale green skin, hair colours differ like the humans, however we have different colours. Brown the colour of the earth and strong faeries, red the firry colour of powerful creatures, other colours like purple, black and yellow also effect the faeries personalities.

My hair is green, containing all the power of the other hair colours. We believe in matching hair colour to mates, brown and yellow, red and purple and so on. I move to my home amoung the trees, as my people scatter amound their own homes.

The End

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