My long straight black hair was messy. I pulled back my lips from Fleince's.

I smiled then ran out of the room. I jumped down and landed perfectly.

I knew I shouldn't be here. Well, neither should Fleince be visiting me in the middle of the night. But who was I to complain.

I loved him in a way I didn't understand. I mean races usually never mix.

I heard that Emong and Dewin were in combat at the moment. Those two were always fighting. I wish they would give it a rest.

I blink focussing my sea blue eyes ahead of me.

Pixie's were sort of a relation between Fairies and Elves. Sort of cousins to both but the only link between those two species.

We have wings, spiked ears and sharp canines. We're master of nature magic. Aka, weather, water, air, earth, fire, etc.

Its quite fun expecially being the ruler. I mean politics among my kind is so fun.

Well, funner than it is with any other species. We basically mess around. We never end up in fights cause we're a neutral race.

Although we do tend to have to sit and watch as the other races are at each others throats.

We watch from the trees sort of bored. Well, sometimes we bet but..... shrug, whatever.

I reach our home. Its a tall large oak tree. Larger than any oak tree you will ever find. Inside is the most beautifully carved structure. Winding stairs. Bedrooms, kitchen, dinning hall, throne room, dance hall, loads of places.

We waste a lot of space but who care the oak grows to our need. The Pixie race is also the smallest race.

Hmm, Samuel might be angry at me again for making him cover for my 'unexceptable' behaviour. If its unexceptable why does he cover for me.

Oh yeah, cause I'm dutchess

The End

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