The chronicles of MagicasiaMature

The once peaceful land of Magicasia is at war. Can our collabaration bring peace? Only one way to find out!

Emong, king of Gnomes stared into the evil and unmerciful eyes of Dewin, lord of the wizards. The wizard's wand was pressed firmly in between the gnomes eyes, blasting a powerful blue light. His left glasses lense was cracked and his silver hair was a mighty flutter in the breeze. There would not have been a breeze if it were not for this seige. This seige that had killed many gnomes and destroyed the top seven floors of Poihet castle.

Emong could feel his army being crushed under the wizards powers. Gnomes had charms, wizards had enchantments. It seemed an even battle until Dewin won the dragons trust. Emong could hear the dragons screeching and fire-blasting. Every second that passed drew the gnomes closer and closer to failure and death.

"You can surrender now" Dewin bargained "or surrender later when your entire race is dead." Emong was trapped. There was no way to win, only lose. He would need a miracle. He heard the most feared noise in Magicasia. A giants roar. Emong managed to glance to his left as bat the size of tree trunk crashed through what left of the building sending Wizard and Gnome alike flying across the battlefield

The End

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