Over the Edge: CEIYA

Official name: CEIYA

Maedaal name: Ceiyakh ("all caves")

Capital city: N/A

Demonym: Ceiyan

Religion: Unknown

Main trade/export: N/A

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ Some believe Ceiya to be the location of the entrance to Cruachan

Governing body: NONE


A virtually uninhabited country at the north corner of Maegard. It is very mountainous, and like Va'shar Ell has little fertile land to grow produce. However, Ceiya is known for its many caves within which civilisations are speculated to live in. Cave paintings there have often depicted events which came true centuries later, or have words written in the oldest of Maegard's languages, Lost Aqravhun (a dead form of the language still spoken today, called simply Aqravhun.) Most notably, cave drawings at Ceiya appear to have charted all of the forms of the mysterious and omnipotent Wanderer.

Ceiya is located in a very dangerous part of Veyréri, where the pull of water into Irkalla is very strong. Whilst Va'shar Ell and Affrantas have placed various moorings and safepoints along the edge for trade ships, there have been no inhabitants to speak of to do this. Few scholars or explorers have visited Ceiya, and this has raised conspiracy that the country is the location of the entrance to legendary Cruachan, also known as the Cradle of the Gods. This has, however, never been proved.

The End

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