Over the Edge: VA'SHAR ELL

Official name: VA'SHAR ELL

Maedaal name: Va'shar Ell ("kingdom of Va'shar")

Capital city: Evariel

Demonym: Va'sharet

Religion: Saña’Kā

Main trade/export: Provides Va'shar ("guard of the Void") warriors to outlying Arches around Maegard. Also mines fossil fuels and metals.

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ The Spinning Tower

Governing body: KING RADOGHAN


The most habitated kingdom in Veyréri, it is known best for its raising of Va'shar warriors, who dedicate their lives to guarding the Arches torn in the Veil between Midgard and Maegard. Va'shar Ell is also known for its structures, impossibly high towers made from natural materials found on their land such as obsidian and labradorite which shine spectacularly in the sun. These are built mainly because the land the Va'sharet live on produces toxic gases and has boiling hot geysers which make it very difficult to live on ground. It is rumoured that some Va'sharet live and die in these towers without ever going outside, giving them a pale, sickly complexion and sometimes albino features.

Va'shar Ell's greatest tower is The Spinning Tower, built in the centre of a whirlpool, of which there are many around the main city Evariel (named after the Spirit Keeper who was Va'sharet by birth), in an area known as the Charybdian Surf. Constantly turning, the tower has bridges which align with towers on land during its rotation, the crossing often being exposed to regular storms and tidal waves shaking the tower.

The Va'shar are a pristine group of warriors who spend their lives ensuring the preservation of the former Arches in the Veil. Although the Arches were sealed in 8239 LM, the life-long vow remained, and so the Va'shar continue to monitor the sealed Arches, though with less intensity than before. Some Va'shar live close to the Arches and are able to guard it, but a Va'shar undergoes an initiation to make them truly dedicated and without distraction: becoming mute, blind and impotent. There is a popular saying, not to look a blind Va'shar in the eye, related to the belief that Va'shar have a heightened sense of reality and find it rude to look at them directly, even if they cannot see back.

Not all Va'sharet are destined for this lifestyle, most live their lives in the many towers comfortably, or mining on ground level - with which there is a high mortality rate, though they are all without obligation to duty. However, many families whose ancestors were Va'shar often follow the same path.

The End

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