Over the Edge: AFFRANTAS

Official name: AFFRANTAS

Maedaal name: Affra-ntas ("once fire")

Demonym: Affran(s)

Capital city: Cubatha

Religion: Saña’Kā

Main trade/export: None

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ The Heads of Typhon

Governing body: ELECTED COUNCIL


Affrantas is a country to the far south of Maegard, and most of its inhabitants are nomadic since the isle's mountains split apart and move regularly as the momentous force of the water pushes it further towards the edge, making it very difficult to built a permanent home. Some scholars speculate that all of Affrantas will eventually fall into Irkalla. The country is associated to the legend that half of it is the body of two ossified dragons. 

Veritatem briefly mentions the myriad of creatures believed to live down in Irkalla. As it is believed that all the creatures of nightmares live there, the true amount is incalculable. However, one famously recorded creature was Typhon, a fire-breathing monster with a hundred serpent heads for fingers, who was believed to have haunted the Goddess' dreams in the Empty Age before She grew strong enough to overcome Chaos' power. She cast him down into Irkalla in the First Age, and he existed there for many years. However, in 553 DD (during the Days of Darkness), in the midst of war where the Ten were distracted in battle, Typhon attempted to escape Irkalla into the upper world, sending two sea serpents to scale the world's roots to the surface. Both managed to reach the surface, and on the isle which was to become Affrantas, they devoured the people, alerting Amadahy to their presence.

As she had done at Angelstone, she ossified them, though using much more power than before, making them permanent fixtures in Maegard. The bodies of the serpents have slowly eroded, becoming nothing but floating rocks and islets, eventually falling back into Irkalla, however their heads have survived and face each other in the shape of an archway in the isle's main port. It was named Affrantas because both serpents were once fire-breathing, and the isle commemorated this.

The End

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