ANGELSTONE is a collection of three islets out in Oceanus not far out from Nivitis, Rhil. Due to its size, nobody can live there, however it has significance in Maegardre legend. Before ships could be built that could sustain the journey from the East to the West, it was thought that death would come to those who ventured too far into Oceanus, and that anybody would be swallowed up by the waves for their curiosity. All that was visible from the East coast were three oddly-shaped rocks out at sea.

In legend, the goddess Amadahy had separated the East and the West by a vast sea because the people of the East, called in Lost Aqravhun the anjharai, and the people of the West, the anjjeital, had once been united where there had been no sea. When the First Feet lived in ané mekār (the First Age), there was peace until the Goddess decreed that when they became men and women (traditionally at sixteen), they would be granted imagination. Now able to imagine conquering each other and rising to power, both sides went to war at the Battle of Suiš Ichrē ("the bleeding eye") on the Pale Fields. The Ten attempted to stop the battle, but could not blight the gift of the Goddess. As a final resort, Amadahy summoned water from Irkalla and flooded the Pale Fields, drowning thousands of First Feet and breaking all ties of the East and the West.

With the people of land unable to cross the sea, and the creatures of the sea faithful to Amadahy, only the creatures of the sky would be able to avoid Her powers, or so they believed. The only creatures audacious enough to try were three angels who lived on the border of the Upper Sky, and who often visited the lower world: Ahmeniel, Cekharin and Esūvareth. The three angels left the Upper Sky, the place protected by the Goddess, and began to fly across Oceanus towards the West. However, they did not know that Amadahy's powers extended to them, and defenceless, the Water goddess willed their bones and wings to stone as she would do to the Affrantas in years to come. The three angels plummeted into the ocean, and were turned completely to stone by the magickal salt of the water. They stand forever as a reminder of the punishment for hubris towards the gods.

The End

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