Into the West: MAERIDAS

Official name: MAERIDAS

Maedaal name: Maeridas (means "magick earth")

Capital city: Demetrell

Demonym: Maeridasi

Religion: Saña’Kā

Main export/trade: Its orchards and gardens are famous for their produce

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ Orchards of Hesperia

                                                  ~ Afalon



For many centuries, Maeridas has been the home away from Adynatos for the royal Demetra line. It was, in legend, the one and only home of the goddess Demetra, where she lived and was worshipped by droves of serfs. Whilst kingdoms such as Rhil do not support the Elemental royals, Maeridas citizens are very religious and are the royal families' greatest supporters.

In the royal exile in 8302 L.M, the Demetra family, rather than being taken to an estate organised by the Elemental Court, one easy to monitor and restrict, the family fled to Maeridas. Under the protection of the people of Maeridas, and in order not to anger them, the Elemental Court bitterly allowed it, though the posting of new-order guards in Demetrell caused public outrage calmed only by Queen Torella Demetra, mother of Sayara. Due to the devotion and respect of the people, it was relatively easy for Sayara to be smuggled off of the island to be hidden at the Sanctuary, unlike the Luthorn family who were sent to Rhil because of the Temple at Nivitis' significance to Lucasta, the first Luthorn Incarnate. After desperate pleas from King Radite to send his sick wife Macayle to Halknor for treatment was Pyrus able to escape.

The Demetra family still reside in Maeridas, currently Queen Torella Demetra I, Mistress of Falhaeyr, her husband Prince Consort Castel Greer, and Prince Sorran Demetra, father to Torella and brother to former Queen Tuathla III.

Maeridas is famed for the abundant produce it grows on the island itself and surrounding isles such as Hesperia and Afalon. Both act as private islands with houses for the Demetra families, far from public sight unlike the main palace in the capital Demetrell.

The End

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