Into the West: THOLOS

Official name: THOLOS

Maedaal name: Tholos

Capital city: N/A

Denonym: None

Religion: N/A

Main export/trade: Produces a special spring water often bottled and sold as a youth tincture for highborns.

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ The Circle of Yuai (yuai means "gods")

Governing body: N/A


A small islet, all that remains of the island Atelanta, which sank during the Days of Darkness in 557 V.M (the Second Age.) It consists of only a circle of columns, what was once a domed temple at Atelanta. In legend, the Elemental gods met here with their enemy Mellicit to settle peace, and failing to do so, Atelanta was destroyed, many of its people killed in the process. Some older highborns are so age conscious that they make sure drops of the sacred spring water are mixed in with every drink and meal.

The End

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