Into the West: VANA

Official name: VANA

Maedaal name: Vana

Capital city: Miyrthi'ell

Demonym: Van(i)r

Religion: Vanatrú

Main export/trade: Raises Keepers/Oracles for royalty. Otherwise there is no interaction with surrounding kingdoms/countries.

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ The House of Saha'anarh ("a thousand inner eyes")



Vana is a mysterious island to the south of Inviri, not far from the island of Sidhe. Only those with some sort of psychic ability are able to live in Vana, and the island is governed by the descendants of the Keepers - ten legendary people given a psychic ability to see only the future of the generations of the royal families. Just as the descendants of the Incarnate inherit Elemental abilities, the descendants of the Keepers inherit this psychic ability. 

The House of Saha'anarh is a sacred temple where the prospective residents of Vana - those who travel from all across Maegard - are tested. The House has a skylighted dome which shadows the pattern of a thousand eyes on the main floor. Stepping under it with a psychic ability triggers a vision, and therefore proves the credibility of the resident. However, few travellers from outside of Vana pass this test and are sent home. The inside of the House is rarely seen, the outside is seen from a distance on the tip of the island, made from jade and pink marble, both of which are abundant in Vana.

Descendants of the Keepers are obligated to the service of the royal families, but visions are not triggered until a ceremony in the House. Before this, the descendants appear to have no psychic ability. Once their visions are activated, they become a part of the Oracles Guild and move in with the royal family which they belong to, living there until they have children of their own, and travel back to Vana to deliver them, where they are raised until they come of age, and the previous Oracle can retire, often ruling on Vana's council.

The visions of the oracles can often be very painful, and they do not often remember the vision. Some are known to go into trances and write prophecies without conscious knowledge. The control over visions depends on the bond between the oracle and the royal, some are unable to control when a vision will occur, others have a bond so strong that they can have trigger a vision whenever they desire.

The Eldnor line is also closely associated with Vana, the royal family believed to have died out. King Vikrim Eldnor was believed to have had no heirs, and died of a widespread disease at a young age. With no siblings or living parents, the Eldnor line was pronounced dead in 8194 S.M. In fact, Vikrim once raped his oracle Lethaia, who returned to Vana to give birth, believing the child not to be of royal descent. However, when Prince Calain was born in 8296 L.M, when a prophecy stated that the bloodline of Arianwen, the first Keeper, would be all female, he was tested and proved to be an Elemental, his parents quickly returning to the throne before the abdication.

The End

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