Into the West: INVIRI

Official name: INVIRI

Maedaal name: Inveyré (veyré means "edge")

Capital city: Geolmm

Demonym: Invirian(s)

Religion: Saña’Kā

Main export/trade: Fossil fuels, and most famously, royal consorts

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ The Institution

Governing body: GOVERNMENTAL


Inviri is the furthest south country in the Western Hemisphere, and is land with many valleys and mountain peaks as well as wild flower fields, of which the produce is famed. It is, however, most known for the Institution, a school educating young, prodigal boys and girls to become the "perfect" consorts for the royal families. The students study each member of the royal family to become an ideal other half, increasing the influence of Inviri with the royals. The technique has been successful, with many past and present consorts hailing from Inviri.

The capital city Geolmm is a very urban place making advances in transport and technology.

The End

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