Into the West: SIDHE

Official name: SIDHE

Maedaal name: Sidhe

Capital city: N/A

Religion: Saña’Kā

Main export/trade: Titanian silk and home of wild/domesticated fae

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ The Spriggan Circle

Governing body: TITANIA


Sidhe is a small island on the east coast of Inviri, believed to be the original homeland of the fae race. There are two kinds of fae in Maegard, the wild fae - creatures who are mischievous and incapable of speech with features resembling leaves and flowers. On the opposite side, the faery are humanoid in appearance, able to communicate with ease and with a high level of intelligence. Faery are thought to have originated from psychai, winged forest creatures - believed to be spirits who did not ascend, but are similar to angels on earth - breeding with humans. Whilst faeries are born naturally from an impregnated female, fae are grown from pods in the ground from the roots of flowers or trees, some even hatching from budding flowers in Spring.

Faeries are loved by all and have no natural enemies, although in exchange for making clothes for Imus elves, they are not preyed on by them lecherously. Faery silk is used in highborn garments, often traditional wedding dresses as a sign of blessing from the spirits. For a faery to create one life-size garment, it can take up to a decade to create. Therefore, the faeries prize their garments, and above all, Titanian silk, made by the faery queen herself, is sacred, and there are few existing items made from it. If it is mistreated, the faery creators seem to know and come to punish the perpetrator.

Faeries also make iron weaponry to defend against their own kind, a metal which is poisonous to them. The Spriggan Circle is a collection of stone spriggan statues - guardians of Sidhe that come alive when they are threatened or when they are trespassers. They are moulded into the home of Titania in crouched positions, and when standing measure at least 10 ft tall.

The End

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