Into the West: VERELM

Official name: VERELM

Maedaal name: Veirellm ("newfound kingdom")

Verelm is made up of three grand duchies:

                     ALBEN (from albenya meaning "great beauty")

          Capital city: Qharyen

          Demonym: Albenyan

          Main export/trade: Has produced the finest of maids and servants for highborns and royalty, and soldiers in the Rhurak/Halknor war

          Governing body: DUKE HEYLAS

                     EVELIN (from veliin meaning "metal")

          Capital city: Valdrion

          Demonym: Evelini

          Main export/trade: Silverware, secretly human weaponry, and soldiers in the Rhurak/Halknor war

          Governing body: DUKE BRODERICK WAHLREN

                     ASTELLAR (from astel meaning "bright star")

          Capital city: T'hariy

          Demonym: Astellan

          Main export/trade: Non-specific, but is renowned for its scholarly works and advances in magick.

          Governing body: DUCHESS HARMONIA

Religion: Saña’Kā

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ The Seven Stars of Astellar

                                                   ~ The Palace of Valdrion


Verelm was a kingdom founded later than others, being on the far side of the East and dangerously close to the edge of the world. It was discovered by three feuding adventurers who divided the kingdoms into three, according to how each of them wished to use the land. Verelm has varied landscapes from quarries and mining caves in Evelin to expansive fields all across the plains of Alben. The Seven Stars are seven mountain crags made with a rock substance which sparkles under the light, thus the name. The Palace of Valdrion is famous for being the only building standing from before 6000 M.M (the Fifth Age)

Alongside the forces of the royal families, Verelm is the only kingdom supporting the Halknor Crescent in their war against Rhurak. The countries are therefore on friendly and co-operative terms, fighting together to free the Crescent. However, for many years under the orders of the High Council, Verelm, particularly Evelin have used their many metal mines and reserves to engineer human weapons in case of war and threat, although this method of combat has been publically rejected by the royal families in favour of magickal and sword combat rather than machine and artillery. Therefore, the royal families have no knowledge of the manufacture.

The End

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