Into the West: ANTHEMOESSA

Official name: ANTHEMOESSA

Maedaal name: Anthemoessa 

Capital city: N/A

Demonym: Siren race

Religion: Amaieña

Main trade/export: N/A

Notable/famous landmarks:              ~ The Raggedy Shore



Anthemoessa is a small island on the north-east coast of Valteria, near the Jaw. It is home exclusively to the race of Sirens, beautiful predatory women who ensnare travellers lured by their songs. They are an all-female society, having no males born into their lines. The island appears rocky and unhabitable from the outside, though past mountains and crags in the centre it is thought that there is a beautiful field where flowers and produce grows, cultivated by the bones of the men the sirens have killed, and are rumoured to eat. The Raggedy Shore is so named because it is covered in shreds of material from clothes and torn sails, belonging to all of the sirens' victims over many years. It is all that travellers see of the island before coming too close and becoming trapped.

In The Element Adventures, Erin, the mentor of the Farraige house is a siren, beautiful yet unable to sing, cast out from her fellow sisters, travelling to the East in search of adventure.

The End

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