Into the West: RHIL

Official name: RHIL

Maedaal name: Rheiyd’ell (“kingdom of strange”)

Capital city: Nivitis

Demonym: Rhilan(s)

Religion: Sequeketor

Main trade/export: Artistry and entertainers

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ Temple of Nivitis: Leger Majikel

                                                   ~ The Bone March

Governing body: SEQUEMHET ("dark council")


Rhil lies to the south-east of Valteria, continuing its coastline. Its old Maedaal name "rheiyd'ell" arose from the derogatory opinion of its customs and attitude towards the royal families. A society segregated from most others, it has denounced the Elemental royal families as their rulers and functions under who they believe to have true rights to power - the sequemhet. Eastern scholars believe this race to be abominations that survived from the Chaos magick used in the West many millennia ago by the necros - an illegal branch of magi practicising tainted magick and necromancy. As dark entities, the sequemhet survive by taking human hosts and proclaiming authority. Citizens in other kingdoms believe the Rhilan to be indoctrinated, giving the creatures whatever they desire. Nivitis has earned the title "the Sick City", relating to the obscene sexual acts that the sequemhet are rumoured to go through whilst taking host bodies.

Whilst Rhilan officials, those possessed by the sequemhet still attend gatherings of the royals like those in other kingdoms, tensions are very high and little respect is given on either side. Rhilans are still very desired, however, for their skills as entertainers, though none of them have ever branched into the Great Esteem.

In Rhil, the Temple of Nivitis is most famous as its columns are carved with Leger Majikel, the first laws of magickal use believed to be written by the god Eldnor himself. Naturally, the Rhilans do not respect these writings, but magi from other kingdoms placed many protection spells on the temple to preserve them. Another famous monument is the Bone March, a gruesome display of the skeletal warriors standing on the cliffside of Nivitis to warn away any traitors who would speak against the sequemhet's right to power.

The End

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