Into the West: VALTERIA

Official name: VALTERIA 

Maedaal name: Vantamael (“magickal secret”)

Capital city: Ni'har

Demonym: Valterian(s)

Religion: Saña’Kā

Main trade/export: Crystals and precious metals – notably gold from various quarries

Also permits royal military training in the Jaw of Valteria

Notable/famous landmarks: ~ Floating Mountains of Ni’har

                                                  ~ Forests of the Gaien’nher

Governing body: LORD JEREK DELARON


Valteria is a country with a hilled and idyllic landscape, and is often called the "playground of the rich", with rich country houses and manors used often for holidays. There are large, secluded forests, with small villages dotted around the country, but the majority of the population live in Ni'har atop the Floating Mountains, a natural phenomenon once believed to be the seat of power of the Goddess Ilmatar many millennia ago. In Ni'har's grand citadel lives Lord Delaron and his twelve children, all famous social climbers, attempting to marry into the royal families for many years, with little success.

Valteria is also famous for the Gaien'nher ("land's guardians") a code-bound group of warriors who settle problems in areas reluctant to follow Ni'har's leadership. The Gaien'nher wield special swords believed to hold a piece of the wielder's soul in it, therefore possessing a unique power over the land to reflect their spirit. Each sword has a special name that a warrior can spend many years trying to learn, which activates most of their abilities to wield it. After the Forestlands in Anamae were established as a place of refuge for magi not controlled by outside power or human influence, many of the warriors have travelled there to help maintain peace under the leadership of the elected Anen'vhor Dete Gaien (established 8125 S.M)

The End

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