The Three Migrations are the standard uses of magi transportation using magickal means. It allows for destinations to be reached faster and for magickal essences to be obscured better and revealed for a shorter time.


Blinking – this is the least popular of the three due to the extreme pain inflicted and is used mostly by the residents of the Sanctuary. In this case, pendants are used to better channel the associated magick. Blinking is commonly referred to as being 9x faster in travel than by foot, and the difference in time can be calculated using a specific formula. Because of the great distances Blinking allows, it uses up Time energy around those using it, but for the participants barely seconds have passed. Its magickal trail is virtually untraceable, and Blinking only works if the participants have a mental image of where they are going or are familiar with it.


Flashing - the second Migration and the most popular amongst magi. Unlike Blinking,  a magickal trail is very distinguishable, and physically it involves a person learning to channel all of their magickal energy into their legs and essentially running at an incredibly quick speed. Therefore, Time is not calculated in the same way as Blinking, and Flashing is therefore much faster when it comes to short distances. However, as the participant can only channel a certain amount of power through their body at a time, it is not suitable for long distances.


Psyching - the third Migration, though this is much more mental than physical. It is used more by magi when wishing to see or hear something in another location. It is the most difficult Migration and naturally requires a rather high level of psychism or spiritual energy. It involves sending part of a consciousness into another person to control their senses (though not their motor reflexes, and most importantly, the host has no idea that they are being psyched, unless their own spiritual energy or cognition is very high.) It can work on any set of people, though there must be a mutual connection between the two and a link (for instance, a shared memory or emotion to latch onto). Psyching therefore works best through family members or those of the same bloodline.


There are other magickal methods of transportation such as flying, which is not considered a Migration due to its exclusivity to Compressors - magi able to compress spiritual essence in the air and transfigure it into physical aids, therefore giving them the power to control spiritual essence around them so that they can levitate.

The other forms of transportation are through elements, although this is a skill allowed only to the Elemental families and their close circles of serfs. 

The End

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