The Elementals are a race of creatures widely believed to be descended from ten gods, each able to control a specific element. Veritatem records their birth and death as well as the history of their first descendants, the Incarnate, who were gifted with Elemental powers when they were born at the moment of the Last Sacrifice.

The Ten gods

  • Mellicit, the first born Goddess of Spirit. Captured and impregnated by Chaos - the Goddess' brother, who had been cast into the Chasm of Abaddon , She gave birth to the Goddess Askov, who was also able to control Spirit, namely Shadow.
  • Ilmatarthe second born Goddess of Air. She gave birth to a son, the God Procella, who was able to control Spirit, namely Storm.
  • Demetrathe third born Goddess of Earth. She gave birth to a son, the God Avaricwho was able to control Earth, namely Wood.
  • Amadahythe fourth born Goddess of Water. She gave birth to a son, the God Dralmorewho was able to control Water, namely Ice.
  • Luthornthe first born God of Fire. Using a vessel and incantations by his worshippers, He created the God Eldnorwho was able to control Fire, namely Magick due to the means He was created.

Following the Last Sacrifice when the Ten's physical bodies were destroyed, their souls were thought to separate between the natural elements, Celeste and the Incarnate, ten newborns who were located over several years following the Days of Darkness and established in power. They were:

  • Naemis, Incarnated daughter of Mellicit
  • Elneas, Incarnated son of Askov
  • Paldin, Incarnated son of Ilmatar
  • Catrell, Incarnated son of Procella
  • Keaira, Incarnated daughter of Demetra
  • Edalene, Incarnated daughter of Avaric
  • Neina, Incarnated daughter of Amadahy
  • Adostos, Incarnated son of Dralmore
  • Lucasta, Incarnated daughter of Luthorn
  • Rhenik, Incarnated son of Eldnor
The End

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